Fortune Magazine says Cleveland is on the rise in 2014

By: Michael K. McIntyre
CLEVELAND,Ohio — It was just a few short years ago that Forbes magazine dubbed Cleveland America’s most miserable city. Fortunes apparently have improved, says Fortune magazine.

Thanks to a re-population push into the city, Fortune lists Cleveland as one of the country’s next Brooklyns, meaning we’re poised for growth.

A Fortune post on its CNN Money website in December contrasted Detroit and its significant woes with Brooklyn, with orbital real estate prices, high end condos and lots of residential growth.

Described as “our bets for 2014’s breakout and breakdown towns,” the authors say Cleveland could be one of the “New Brooklyns.”

“The city is in the midst of a downtown revival that has seen not one, not two, but three Williamsburg-esque neighborhoods emerge: Tremont, Ohio City, and Gordon Square.

” What, they’ve never been to Waterloo?

Louisville, Ky., and, oddly, Detroit were also picked as possible “New Brooklyns.” The “New Detroits” include Woonsocket, R.I., Fresno, Calif., and all of Puerto Rico.

It’s not like we can’t take a compliment, but, Fortune, when you posted the piece did you really have to illustrate it with a photo of a shimmering downtown Columbus? The pic was corrected when commenters pointed it out.

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